Scott Sears MBE Breaks South Pole Record

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Scott Sears Shackleton Jacket

On Christmas Day evening (9pm), Briton Scott Sears MBE walked into the Amundsen-Scott base at the South Pole. He had just become the youngest person in history to trek 700 miles from the frozen southern ocean to the pole. He had done so alone, unsupported and unassisted, breaking the previous record by almost 3 years.

As a lead sponsor and official clothing supplier to this historic expedition, Shackleton is proud to have supplied Scott with our polar-tested, British made kit, keeping him safe and warm in the fangs of Antarctic gales and temperatures dropping to -60.

Scott gives testimony to the Shackleton ethos. He is endlessly optimistic, tough and cheery in the face of hard times.

Scott Sears Close-up

Shackleton pioneer Scott Sears MBE breaks world record for youngest solo South Pole hike.

 Congratulations Scott - an awesome feat of endurance! Enjoy that hard-earned rest.