Shackleton Partners with Antarctic Heritage Trust

Upon the launch of a New Zealand website, Shackleton is proud to announce our support partnership with the Antarctic Heritage Trust. With a mission to ‘conserve, share and encourage the spirit of exploration’, the Antarctic Heritage Trust are world leaders in cold climate conservation and work in Antarctica conserving five historic expedition bases. More specifically, as the conservators of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Nimrod expedition hut, the Trust shares our passion for the life, courage and leadership of our inspiration and namesake.

Shackletons hut

We also greatly admire the Trust’s dedication to inspire and support future generations of explorers. Through their Inspiring Explorers' initiative, the Trust has organised epic adventures, from following Shackleton’s steps across the island of South Georgia in 2015 to a full traverse of the Greenland ice cap in 2018.

New Zealand played an important role in the life and expeditions of Shackleton and was clearly a firm favourite. The Nimrod expedition left NZ bound for Antarctica on New Year's Day 1908, having been gifted the sum of £1000 by the NZ government. Following the expedition, which included Shackleton's 'furthest south' of 97nm short of the pole, The Boss travelled back to New Zealand, delivering public lectures that captivated audiences before donating all the proceeds to local charities.

As part of the partnership, Shackleton will donate 15% of every purchase made on the New Zealand site to the Antarctic Heritage Trust to help it continue its valuable work.

Shackleton hut interior